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Emotional Regulation in Children

Emotional Regulation in Children

This session will explore the theoretical foundations of attachment, emotional regulation, and emotion coaching.


➔ We will look at the neuroscience of connection and regulation and explore the brain structures and systems involved in emotional regulation.

➔ We will also be putting together a tool kit of evidenced based approaches to emotional regulation.


Brainwave Psychology are specialists in providing comprehensive educational

assessments and evaluations. We understand and value the power and

importance of human connection and place our clients at the heart of our services.

We provide a welcoming, safe, empathetic, and non-judgemental environment in

which we support all our clients. We support and empower each one of our clients

using client- centred, evidence-based approaches and best practice guidelines.Our

services include:

 Psychological Assessment and Evaluation

 Consultation Service

 Seminars & Courses (both in-person and online)

 Educational Planning & Support

 School Based Consultancy

 Educational Staff CPD Courses & In-service seminars

 Wellbeing Support


Tel: 089 234 1754

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