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Low Self Esteem Course

Low Self Esteem Course

Week 1: What is self esteem? 

In this first week we look at what we mean by self esteem, signs of low self esteem and we measure our self esteem. 


Week 2: How does self esteem develop?

In week two we look at how our self esteem develops from our experiences as children and how experiences as adults may impact our self esteem. Introducing concepts such as core beliefs and unhelpful rules and assumptions. 


Week 3: Staying stuck

In week 3 we look at how our our low self esteem stays stuck, introducing the concepts of unhelpful behaviours, biased expectations and negative thinking styles. 


Week 4: Biased expectations

In this week we focus specifically on biased expectations and how this causes us to view and respond to the work in a particular way. 


Week 5: Thinking negatively about ourselves

In this week we explore the impact of negative self evaluations on our self esteem. We discuss skills for challenging these negative thoughts. We review our self esteem score. 


Week 6: Building positive thinking

In this week we discuss how to embrace and accept our positive qualities


Week 7: Adjusting our rules and assumptions

In this week we review the rules and assumptions identified in week 2 and we work to develop new alternative rules and assumptions.


Week 8: Tipping the scales

In this week we review the core beliefs identified in week 2. We work to develop new and more balanced core beliefs that support higher self esteem. 


Week 9: Thinking about healthy self esteem 

In this week we review what healthy self esteem looks like. We reflect on how this differs from our experiences to date and tie together the information from previous weeks. 


Please note there is not week 10 with this course, although it is referenced in Week 9 the week 10 was delivered with the original program & delivered live. 

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