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Write Right:Navigating handwriting challenges

Write Right:Navigating handwriting challenges

Occupational Therapist Lorcan Russell discusses handwriting in children including:


Purpose and need for handwriting.

- Common challenges with handwriting and how to recognize them.

-Common reasons why handwriting might be affected.

- Developmental Co-Ordination Disorder

- Visual Processing

- Dysgraphia

- Dyslexia

What to do when you notice handwriting challenges?

- Practical strategies

- When to seek professional support

What supports are available?


Find out more about Lorcan or Meridian Rehabilitation here:

We are a company of 75 employees, with offices across the Okanagan region, Vancouver and Galway. We provide

a range of therapy services across both adult and pediatric populations. We made the decision to open an office in

Galway in 2022 and have been loving it ever since. We are passionate about helping children reach their potential,

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